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Toronto Tree Pest Update

It’s no surprise that a lot of tree pests become active in the Toronto area in May. When the annoying insects are not treated effectively on time they can cause a lot of damage to trees and shrubs in your property.

So, if you find that some of your trees have been attacked by pests then the best thing you can do is to contact the skilled arborists from Tree Doctors for tree pest control in Toronto. Our highly trained and fully equipped arborists will help you get rid of insect pests quickly and successfully.

In this Toronto tree pest update, we’ll explain to you what insect pests are active and need to be treated in Toronto now.

Apple Scab

Apple ScabDo you have apple trees in your garden? If so, you may need to deal with such an insect pest as Apple Scab.

The pest attacks all types of apple trees. However, apple trees are not the only victim of the insect pest. The pest also attacks hawthorn, mountain ash as well as other trees.

It’s worth noting that Apple Scab attacks both fruits and leaves of apple trees. When trees are infected by this type of insect pest their leaves become dark. Afterwards, infected leaves fall within a short period of time.

Apple Scab needs to be treated in May. Leaves, limbs as well as trunks of trees have to be sprayed thoroughly until the end of May. You may also need to continue spraying trees during the growing season.

Birch Leafminer

Birch LeafminerBirch Leafminer may become a huge problem for Toronto’s residents who have birches in their properties.

The insect pest attacks different types of birches including cutleaf birches, grey birches, white birches and others.

The sawflies emerge from the soil in the middle May and after that females start laying legs soon.

As a result, the first generation of Birch Leafminer begins to develop. The second generation of Birch Leafminer begins to develop in July. The insect pest attacks the newly developing leaves.

The pest needs to be treated in May. A spray is applied to birches during the third week of May. The treatment has to be repeated in late June.

Bronze Birch Borer

Bronze Birch BorerBronze Birch Borer is another insect pest that needs to be controlled in Toronto in May.

The pest attacks limbs and trunk of birch trees and causes dieback of tree’s branches.

Oftentimes, the insect pest kills newly planted trees, newly transplanted trees as well as weakened trees.

Eliminating Bronze Birch Borer is a tough task. The reality is the pests hide in the bark of a tree.

That’s the reason why spraying doesn’t work. The best thing you can do is to cut and destroy tree’s branches which have been infested by Bronze Birch Borer.

Cedar Leafminers

Cedar LeafminersCedar trees are attacked by four species of leaf miners – Argyresthia thuiella, Argyresthia Canadensis, Argyresthia aureoargentella as well as Pulicalvaria thujaella.

If the pest attacks cedar trees their branch tips change their colors and become brown over time.

When the infestation happens you’ll also be able to see insect-injured foliage as well as tiny bugs in their feeding tunnels.

Cedar trees need to be sprayed with dimethoate in early May. This helps control the larvae.

The spray of malathion, dimethoate, or methoxychlor should be also applied on cedar trees in June. This helps control the moths.

Actually, this list could go on and on. Among other tree pests that need to be treated in Toronto now are: Honeylocust Pod Gall, Whitemarked Tussock Moth, Juniper Rusts, Larch Casebearer, Lilac Borer, Lilac Leafminer, Linden Looper, Oystershell Scale, Pine Bark Adelgid and others. It’s worth noting that Tree Doctors has knowledge, experience and skills to treat all types of tree pests in Toronto. We are always happy to help you with any of your tree pest control needs!

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