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Ash Tree Removal

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All of the Southwestern Ontario is now infested with EAB (Emerald Ash Borer) where it already killed millions of trees and keeps spreading. More and more often residents of Toronto and surrounding cities will see a dead or dying ash tree in the neighborhood.

If you have an ash tree that shows signs of decay, this might be the right time to call Tree Doctors.

Tree Doctors will arrange a certified arborist to visit your property to confirm the signs of an EAB infestation and if the tree is dying indeed, will provide you a free, no obligation quote for the removal. Once the quote is confirmed, Tree Doctors will obtain an exemption for tree removal from the city and schedule a worry free removal within 2 weeks.

Why Choose Tree Doctors For Ash Tree Removal

When choosing Tree Doctors for the removal of your Ash Tree, you can be sure that the work will be done by professional arborists who know what they are doing and love what they do!

Our motto is Tree Doctors- Arborists Who Care. We will make sure that your tree removal service is done to the best of arborist standards, with a minimum damage to the surrounding and in a timely manner.

For the removal of large and dangerous ash trees, Tree Doctors have a full fleet of a professional machinery such as bucket trucks, cranes, wood chippers, stump grinders, mini loaders- everything that is needed to get your tree removed safely and efficiently.

To make a worry free tree removal, all our services are covered by the general liability insurance and WSIB.

Why Choose Tree Doctors For Ash Tree Removal

There is no requirements for the residents to do the replanting after the removal of an ash tree, but just to keep our city green, we always suggest customers to plant a new tree instead of the removed ash. We can do the stump removal for the ash tree at the same time as the tree removal. Stump removal is done by a special machine called a stump grinder that can eat up the stump and roots as low as 18″ below the grade so you can plant a new tree right in the same spot from where the ash tree is removed. Tree Doctors can also give you a quote for a tree planting. Please visit our tree planting page for more details about the tree planting services.

If you are interested in doing injections for your ash tree, Tree Doctors have trained personnel for that as well. Just call us for details and one of our arborists would be happy to answer all your questions about injections for your ash trees.

If you are interested in one of the above services,
please contact us or request a free, no-obligation estimate.

We are looking forward to helping you with all your tree-removal needs!

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