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Tree Doctors in the CBC NEWS

Shane Goldman, the consulting arborist from Tree Doctors, was on the news on the September 16th, 2016 about various trees being removed in downtown Toronto. Neighbors and residents were concerned about the removal of the number of trees and the CBC asked for our professional opinion on the situation.

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Healthy trees make neighborhoods look beautiful! They offer privacy screens, as well as protect people from the sun during the summer months, and from cold winds during winter. Trees absorb harmful gases, provide natural habitats for birds and wildlife, and protect soils from erosion. All in all, trees make life better for everyone, but they also must be properly managed and cared for in order to get the most benefits from them and to prevent them from becoming a danger.

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You can be sure that all work will be performed by Licensed Arborists who know what is right for your trees in order to maximize their beauty and health.

All our work is covered by full-range liability insurance for up to $5,000,000. At your request, we can provide all insurance certificates and references.

To prove that we offer the best value for your money, we will beat any written quote given by a licensed tree-service company in Toronto and the GTA!

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ISA and ASCA Certified Arborists
$5,000,000 Liability Insurance
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I must admit that I am several lacking when it comes to green thumbs. I bought a house with beautiful landscaping, but after five years of only basic upkeep, it was in shambles. I called around to several…

Belloty Kabamba Toronto, ON M2K 2J9, November 2017

The Tree Doctors: Enclosed is my payment for the tree trimming done at this residence. Thank you for your prompt work and fine result.

P.J Edmondson Mississauga Ont. K0A 2X0, October 2016