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Winter Tree Services

Extreme wintry conditions have a huge negative impact on health of trees and can result in tree and property damage. And of course, property owners have to take all the necessary actions to protect their trees and minimize all possible risks in winter. On the other hand, doing tree care work in winter has many great benefits. Below, we’ll highlight the importance of winter care and explain to you what tree care works need to be done to help trees survive cold temperatures and extreme weather.

The Importance of Winter Tree Care and Maintenance

- Winter tree care helps keep trees healthy and strong. Harsh cold weather negatively affects health of trees. In winter, trees can be also attacked by hungry animals such as deers, rabbits and mice. Proper winter tree care will help trees overcome challenges and survive winter. Winter tree care is especially important to young trees and newly planted trees.

- Winter tree care reduces the risk of tree and property damage. Winter can be very challenging for trees. Snow storms, ice as well as harsh winds can cause damage to trees during the winter season. That’s why people often deal with problems like broken branches, trunks split apart and even tree failure. If done right, winter tree care can help you prevent these kinds of problems from happening.

- Winter is a great time to do tree care works. The vast majority of trees shed their leaves in the fall. This makes it much easier for arborists to do inspections and find tree issues in winter. Winter is a great time to do tree pruning and tree removal works. Actually, tree pruning can be done anytime of the year. However, trees go dormant in the cold. That means that it would be easier for trees to recover from extensive pruning if this type of work is done in dormant season.

Different Types of Winter Tree Care Services

Tree inspection. You need to get your trees inspected first. A professional arborist will examine all trees on your property carefully and then give you an advice on winter tree care.

Tree pruning. Safety has to be the number one priority for every property owner. Make sure that trees with branches and limbs over your house, car, walks and driveways are safe. Cutting off dead, broken, diseased and weak branches is crucial to reducing property damage. Tree pruning also helps keep their trees beautiful and healthy.

Tree removal. Dead trees as well as dangerous trees may fall down during severe winter storms. If this happens a tree may cause damage to people and property. For this reason, it would be better for you to have a problematic tree removed away from your property ahead of time.

Tree wrapping. This type of tree care work is done to protect trees from harsh winter winds. Plus, wrapping will help you keep deers and other animals away from your trees.

Tree mulching. If ground hasn’t frozen yet, you can also mulch your trees. Winter tree mulching delivers multiple significant benefits to trees. First and foremost, mulch is a great insulator that protects tree’s roots from cold. Also, mulch contains nutrients that a tree needs through the winter months. So, adding a layer of mulch will help you improve soil around trees.

Don’t let harsh winter destroy your trees! If you would like to hire a tree service company in Toronto, call us today. Tree Doctors do winter tree care jobs of all types. Our highly skilled and fully equipped arborists will inspect all of your trees and then advise you upon the appropriate solution. We’ll be able to help you with any of your winter tree care and maintenance needs!

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