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Preparing Trees for Winter in Toronto

As you can see, the fall has already begun and trees have started changing their colors. That means that it’s time to prepare trees for winter.

Preparing trees for winter involves removing dead branches, limbs and fungus, root grounding and more. Obviously, certified arborists in Toronto can help you handle these sorts of problems. Today, we are going to give you some insights into preparing trees for winter in Toronto.

Cutting Dead Branches and Limbs Off Trees in the Fall

Fall Tree PruningIt’s important to note that dead branches as well as dead limbs on trees are a big problem for trees and homeowners in Toronto.

It’s no surprise that dead branches and limbs often times fall down in storm. Therefore, they pose a huge risk to people as well as properties. That’s why it’s so important to cut off all of dead branches and limbs on trees before winter. Branches and limbs which are about to fall should be cut off as well.

Keep in mind that pruning trees can be a dangerous task particularly for those individuals who have never done this before. So, you shouldn’t prune trees on your own. Obviously, it’s a good idea to call certified tree experts for tree pruning in Toronto.

Watering Trees in the Fall

Watering Trees in FallFall watering will help you prepare your trees for winter as well. Keep in mind that watering is particularly important for young and newly planted trees.

Without a doubt, fall watering will help your trees get stronger. Thus, they will be able to survive the cold winter months. Of course, you need to water trees when the ground is not frozen. For this reason, watering is done in the fall.

It’s a great idea to cover tree’s root area with organic mulch prior to fall watering. The point is that organic mulch maintains moisture in the area of tree’s underground roots. Additionally, the mulch contains nutrients that a tree needs. On the other hand, the mulch warms up and protects the area of tree’s upper roots during the cold winter months. Arborists in Toronto say that a layer of organic mulch has to be about 5 – 10 centimeters.

Fertilizing Trees in the Fall

Fertilizing Trees in the FallIf the soil lacks nutrients in the fall you should definitely take advantage of fall fertilizing trees.

You need to know that fertilizing is very beneficial for unhealthy trees.

The natural balance of the soil will be restored and unhealthy trees will get stronger before the harsh winter.

So, it makes sense to ask certified Toronto arborists help you figure out if trees on your property need to be fertilized in the fall or not.

Other Things that Need to be Done to Prepare Trees for Winter Months

If your tree has weak branches you can take advantage of cabling. By doing so, you’ll manage to protect your trees with weak branches and prepare them for winter months properly.

Toronto is known to be the area where it snows a lot in the winter season. That means that it’s crucial for you to protect small and fragile trees from snow storms. A tripod of plywood can be successfully used for this purpose. A tripod of plywood will help you prevent snow from accumulating on your trees in winter.

Fall Clean UpAnother thing that you need to do to prepare your trees for winter season is to clean up your yard after leaves fall off trees.

By doing this, you’ll manage to protect trees on your property from various diseases and insect pests.

If your yard is cleaned up properly and leaves are taken away, then your trees will not be re-infected in the spring.

If you need help with preparing trees for winter in Toronto, please, contact Tree Doctors today! Our certified tree experts will analyze all of your tree problems carefully and advise an appropriate solution!

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