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GTA Municipalities Tree By-laws

The goal of local GTA municipalities tree by-laws is to control tree removal, raise the awareness of tree preservation and, most importantly, keep the urban canopy in balance. It’s worth noting that each GTA municipalities has its own tree by-laws.

So, if a tree is above the certain size then it falls under protection of city’s tree by-laws. However, there are also hazardous or dead trees which pose the risk to people or properties. Obviously, such trees need to be removed. In this case, you’ll need to get an arborist report and send it to your local GTA municipality. If your local GTA municipality approves the report you’ll get the tree removal permit from the city and will be able to get a tree removed. After your tree is removed, you’ll need to have it replaced with a new one. So, the urban canopy will continue to flourish.

It’s important to know that local GTA municipalities tree by-laws protect trees on city streets, trees in parks, trees in ravines as well as trees on private property. Keep in mind that GTA municipalities tree by-laws protect trees from removal and different types of injuries. That means that if you are planning to remove (or injury) any tree then you need to check whether it meets tree by-law size requirement.

How to Prevent a Tree Removal

How to Prevent a Tree RemovalTrees may need to be removed for many different reasons.

Oftentimes, trees are damaged when they are pruned improperly. Trees can be also damaged when the driveway is repaved next to it. Adding an addition onto the house can cause different types of tree injuries as well.

On way or another, property owners obviously need to do every single thing to prevent a tree from being injured and removed. Here are some of tips to help you avoid all types of tree damage during construction.

The best thing that you can do is to protect your tree with barriers. By doing this, you’ll be able to reduce the risk of tree injuries dramatically. You need to protect the tree’s root zone as well. In some cases, it makes sense to prune a tree. As a result, the construction will not be able to cause damage to your tree. It’s important for you to plan the construction properly ahead of time. Make sure that you’ll be able to fertilize your tree successfully.

Tree Removal Procedure in the City of Toronto

Tree Removal Procedure in the City of TorontoDo you believe that a tree or several trees need to be removed? Do you need to remove a tree that has a trunk with a diameter of 30cm or more? If so, you definitely need to ask highly experienced and fully equipped arborists for help.

First of all, arborists will analyze your problem carefully. If tree care experts find that there is no way to make a tree safe they will create an arborist report for you. Your tree report has to outline all of the necessary details. You’ll be able to remove a tree only when the city approves the report and give you a tree removal permit.

Above all, you’ll need to replace a removed tree with a new one. In other words, if a tree has been removed you need to plant at least one new tree. Below, we’ll share some insights into tree replacement.

Replacing a Removed Tree with a New One

Replacing a Removed Tree with a New OneAre you interested in having a tree or several trees on your property removed? If so, you should have an understanding of how to replace a removed tree with a new one. Now, let’s dig deeper into the procedure of replacing a removed tree with a new one.

– Before getting a tree removal permit property owners have to sign the agreement with the city. According to the agreement, they will have to re-plant a tree.

– Another important thing that you need to know is that you shouldn’t plant a new tree in the place where original tree has been removed.

– It’s important to keep in mind that you have to plant a new tree only after you remove an original tree. It’s recommended to re-plant a tree within 6 months of tree removal.

– Remember, the perfect time to re-plant trees is either spring or fall.

Local Municipalities Tree By-Laws

Now, it’s time to give you a short insight into tree by-laws which are used by local GTA municipalities such as Bramptom, Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, Richmond Hill as well as Toronto. As a result, you’ll be able to figure out whether a tree (that needs to be removed) falls under city’s protection.

According to Mississauga tree removal by-law, you have to get a tree removal permit if you would like to remove 3 or more trees over 15 cm in diameter per calendar year.

Brampton tree preservation by law ensures that you need to get a tree removal permit to remove trees with a trunk diameter of 30 cm or more measured at 1.37 meters height from the ground. On the other hand, you can remove trees located within 2 meters of an occupied building without a tree removal permit.

Markham tree preservation by law requires the permit to remove trees over 20 cm in diameter measured at 1.37 meters above the ground.

Oakville city tree by-law protects private trees over 20 cm in diameter measured at 1.37 meters above grade. It’s worth noting that the tree by-law protects private trees as well as trees on municipal property.

Richmond Hill city tree by law doesn’t allow property owners to remove trees over 20 cm in diameter measured at 1.4m above the ground without a tree removal permit.

It’s crucial for you to know that Toronto city tree by-law protects all of trees over 30cm in diameter measured at 1.4m above grade.

For more information about GTA municipalities tree by-laws, please contact us today! Our skilled arborists will help you develop an effective tree protection program. We can also create an arborist report and help you get a tree removal permit. Tree Doctors are always looking forward to helping with all of your tree care needs!

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