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Fall Tree Pruning in Toronto
Fall tree pruning is critical to health and growth of trees. That’s why tree pruning has to be a key part of a fall care program of trees. The fall has begun and that means that it’s time to start thinking about fall tree pruning.

Why, when and how to prune trees in the fall? In fact, this type of questions faced by so many gardeners, homeowners as well as business owners in Toronto. In this blog, we are going to give readers short insights into tree pruning in Toronto.

Top Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage of Fall Tree Pruning in Toronto

Top Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage of Fall Tree Pruning in TorontoIt’s good to know that fall tree pruning delivers some important benefits to trees.

Fall tree pruning is a good way to remove broken, dying and dead branches as well as branches which are at risk of falling down and bringing damage to people and their properties.

Fall tree pruning is incredibly important for controlling tree insects as well. The reality is many tree pests lay eggs in the fall which turn into worms the next year. Pruning trees in the fall will help you get rid of branches with insect eggs and, therefore, prevent tree pests successfully.

Moreover, you can make use of pruning to correct the shape of a tree.

When Fall Tree Pruning Needs to be Done in Toronto

When Fall Tree Pruning Needs to be Done in TorontoIt’s not a good idea to prune trees in the fall while they still have leaves. It makes sense to wait until a tree drops its leaves. When a tree has no leaves you’ll be able to see what its branches need to be pruned.

It’s best to prune trees either in the middle fall or in the late fall. Many tree care experts suggest that the middle October is the ideal time for fall tree pruning in Toronto.

Tips for Pruning Trees in the Fall

You need to know that fall tree pruning requires some preparation work. Now, we want to give you some tips to help you get the most out of fall tree pruning.

– As it was mentioned earlier, you need to wait until leaves fall off the trees in autumn. By doing so, you’ll manage to figure out how to prune a tree correctly.

– If you are going to prune fruit trees, then you also need to ensure that a tree has no fruits. Obviously, you need to pick fruits carefully prior to fall pruning.

– If you choose to prune trees in the fall on your own, then you’ll need to prepare special equipment and tools. Be sure that you have hand pruners, loppers and pruning saws. You’ll need all of these tools to prune trees.

– Plan all major tree pruning works for early spring. When trees are pruned in the fall they can continue to grow. Fast tree growth before winter may negatively affect the health of a tree. Also, it takes a tree more time to recover from pruning wounds. So, it’s best to do all major tree pruning works in the early spring.

– First of all, you need to examine a tree carefully. By doing this, you’ll be able to figure out what branches need to be pruned. Fall tree pruning involves removing dead, damaged as well as diseased branches. When you’re ready it is time to start pruning a tree!

Tree Doctors Can Help You with Fall Tree Pruning in Toronto

Tips on How to Prune Trees in the FallIf for any reason you don’t want to prune trees in the fall on your own – ask tree care professionals in Toronto for help anytime.

We would like to help you with all of your fall tree pruning needs! Call Tree Doctors at (416) 201-8000 for a free estimate!

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