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Deep Root Tree Fertilization in Fall

Oftentimes, the soil doesn’t have the necessary nutrients after summer. Obviously, this can negatively affect the health of trees. That’s why it’s incredibly important to feed trees and shrubs properly in fall. 

Deep root tree fertilization (or deep root tree feeding) in fall will help you keep your trees healthy, beautiful and strong. Fall deep root tree fertilization will help you prepare your trees for the cold winter months. Trees, which are properly fertilized in fall, get stronger and become less vulnerable to diseases as well as external environmental stresses.

What is Deep Root Tree Fertilization?

What is Deep Root Tree FertilizationThe deep root tree fertilization process involves delivering necessary nutrients to the root zone of a tree.

When feeding trees, you also need to make holes which are about 8 – 18 inches in depth. In order to maximize the effect of deep root tree fertilization you also need to place holes strategically around tree’s trunk. Such holes will allow water, oxygen and, most importantly, nutrients to reach the tree’s root system successfully.

What is the Best Time for Deep Root Tree Fertilization in Fall?

What is the Best Time for Deep Root Tree Fertilization in FallActually, it’s a question faced by so many homeowners, business owners and even some gardeners in the Toronto area.

Obviously, you need to feed roots of a tree when ground is not frozen.

The period between late fall and early winter is the best time to fertilize the roots of trees before the cold summer months.

Top Reasons to Fertilize Trees in Fall

– It’s crucial for you to know that not every tree needs to be fertilized in fall. On the other hand, deep root tree fertilization may be critical to the health of some trees.

– If you see that your tree is under stress and its branches or leaves don’t grow properly, then obviously such a tree needs deep root tree fertilization in fall.

– The need for deep root tree fertilization also arises when adequate nutrients are not available in the environment.

– You’ll also have to fertilize trees in fall if your soil is compact or clay. If that is the case, nutrients can’t penetrate the soil and reach the root zone of a tree. So, your tree will not get the necessary nutrients and that can lead to tree health problems. Obviously, you should take advantage of deep root tree fertilization to prevent this from happening.

Choosing Fertilizer for Deep Root Tree Feeding in Fall

Choosing Fertilizer for Deep Root Tree Feeding in Fall It goes without saying that you need to choose a well-balanced fertilizer to feed trees in fall.

When it comes to picking fertilizer, it’s very important to pay close attention to NPK (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) numbers.

Make sure that a tree gets .2 pounds of nitrogen per inch of its trunk diameter.

If you would like to fertilize your trees in the fall properly, please contact Tree Doctors today. We are always happy to provide the best solutions to any of your tree care needs in Toronto! Our ISA certified arborists in Toronto will help you make all of your trees as healthy as possible!

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