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Arborist Services for Toronto Architects and Constraction Companies

It’s worth noting that the municipal government of Toronto pays a close attention to the protection of trees. According to Tree Protection By-laws, any type of construction project requires tree preservation plan as well as an arborist report. That means that if you are going to build a new construction or improve your existing home in Toronto then you’ll certainly need the help of a certified arborist.

Trees on Your Property Can be Removed, Preserved or Protected with Injury

 Trees on Your Property Can be Removed, Preserved or Protected with InjuryAfter analyzing trees on your properly and proposed construction plans carefully, an arborist will make the appropriate decision. Actually, trees on your property can fall into one of three categories – “Protect”, “Preserved with injury” or “Removal”.

Let’s imagine that a tree is very close to a construction. Such a tree is likely to become a big problem for builders in the future. In this kind of situation, arborists will probably recommend you to remove a tree. Above all, arborists will help you come up with a replant plan.

On the other hand, a tree that’s close to a development site may have a chance to survive. This type of tree falls into the category of “Preserved with injury”. If this is the case, arborists Tree Doctors will definitely do every single thing possible to preserve your tree.

And of course, if a tree is not too close to a building that’s being constructed then it needs to be preserved. In this case, arborists have to do everything possible to help you preserve trees on your property.

Tree Doctors Offers Arborist Reports and All Types of Arborist Services

Tree Doctors Offers Arborist Reports and All Types of Arborist ServicesArborists from Tree Doctors specialize in tree protection zone installation, air spading for construction sites as well as many other arborist services to preserve trees on your property.

We are committed to helping our clients balance their tree protection needs with construction plans.

Why You Should Choose Us for Arborists Reports and Arborist Services

Why You Should Choose Us for Arborists Reports and Arborist Services It’s also important to note that arborists from Tree Doctors use the most up-to-date equipment and techniques in their work.

Plus, our professionals get an ongoing training and constantly work hard to take their skills to the next level.

So, our arborists have all the necessary knowledge, experience, skills and tools to help you keep trees on your property beautiful and healthy.

For arborist reports and all other types of arborist services in Toronto, please call us right away. Our highly trained and fully equipped arborists are always happy to provide effective solutions to any of your tree care needs!

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