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Winter Care of Newly Planted Trees

Newly planted trees as well as young trees are weak and winter can be very hard on them. Such trees don’t have a strong root system and their bark is thick. That’s why new trees require special winter care. If you have newly planted or young trees on your property then you should familiarize yourself with a winter checklist for new trees. This blog post concentrates on winter care of newly planted trees. We’ll tell you what needs to be done to help your newly planted trees and young trees survive the harsh winter and stay healthy.

Mulching New Trees in Winter


Mulching is particularly important for new trees and young trees. Mulch is a great insulator that keeps tree roots warm in winter. Mulch is something that helps prevent water loss from the soil and keep your tree hydrated during cold winter months. When mulching new trees you need to ensure that there is enough mulch around the base of a tree. On the other hand, you shouldn’t spread too much mulch around a tree. Ideally, you should add 2 – 4 inch layer of organic mulch around a tree. Also, mulch shouldn’t touch the trunk of a tree. So, it would be better for you to spread the mulch out 2 feet from the trunk. Trees are mulched either in late fall or in early winter. You can also mulch trees after the ground freezes.

Watering New Trees in Winter


Most people generally think that trees don’t need water in the cold. Apparently, that’s not the truth! In fact, both new and established trees need water in winter. However, a root system of new trees can’t reach water deep below the ground surface. It’s incredibly important to water new trees during the first two or three winters. Trees should be watered during winter thaws. If the ground is not frozen, water can easily reach tree’s roots. As a result, a new tree will get enough water to survive the winter season.

Wrapping New Trees in Winter


Warm sun, ice storms, strong winds and cold weather can cause a serious damage to the trunk of a new tree in winter. Hungry animals (such as deers, rabbits and mice) also tend to attack young trees and eat their bark during cold months. Wrapping offers a great way of protecting tree’s trunk from cracking. On the other hand, wrapping stops hungry animals from damaging trees. New trees have to be wrapped from the bottom of a tree to the first branch. Wrapping needs to be removed in the spring.

Thank you so much for reading this article. We have just told you everything you need to know about winter care of newly planted and young trees. Follow our tips to help your trees survive in winter. Tree Doctors provides a full range of winter tree care services in Toronto. Contact us for winter tree care right away and our skilled arborists will do everything possible to protect your new trees against winter damage!

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