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Tree Stump Removal Methods from a Toronto Arborist

Trees are a great addition to any lawn or backyard. However, when you decide to cut it down, it may not have the same beautification sentiment it once held. Although it can be easy to remove a tree stump, eradicating it is another story. There are trees that are well rooted to the ground, while some have shallow roots which can easily be removed. A Toronto arborist such as Tree Doctors Inc will be able to get rid of your tree stumps using several methods.

Stump Grinding

In some instances, tree stump removal if done with no professional help can make structural damages to your home. Therefore, our stump grinder will be the perfect tool for the job. It has a spinning blade with tipped teeth perfect for chewing away stumps. When you do not own a grinder, you can hire a Toronto arborist such as Tree Doctors Inc to do the work. We care for the safety of our customers so we see to it that no one is nearby when we use our stump grinder. This is to ensure that no flying debris can hurt anyone.

Hand Digging

Hand digging is done for small shallow rooted trees. More common tools are used for this task including a root saw, winch, hoe, axe and shovel. This involves a simple process of digging around the stump in order for the root to be exposed and cut with the use of an axe and root saw. A winch is then used to pull and remove the stump from its base. You might need the attention of a tree trimming Toronto service because a winch can be powerfully dangerous if not properly handled.

Chemical Stump Removal

This option is useful if you do not want to exert too much effort in removing the stump. Chemicals gradually decompose the stump. Most of the chemicals used have potassium nitrate as the active element.


Apart from the previously mentioned methods, burning is also a way to get rid of the stump. This is best done when applied with chemicals because it makes the stump more absorbent. It is advisable to carry on this procedure with the assistance of a tree removal or tree trimming Toronto company.

After cutting a tree, tree stump removal is not so hard. The advantage of Tree Doctors Inc’s tree removal techniques is the result of having a wonderful lawn or yard. Contact us today for your free estimate at info@treedoctors.ca or 416 201 8000.

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