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Tree Planting

Tree Planting for Residents

Tree Planting for Residents.

Trees are a great investment. With just a little expense and easy maintenance, you can have beautiful trees on your property that also possess a countless amount of benefits.

All green vegetation you can see produces oxygen, and at the same time absorbs harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, airborne ammonia, etc. Trees provide natural habitats for many varieties of wildlife. Also, an urban landscape that has many young trees in it will have a higher property value than a bare yard.

It is known that planting a row of tree will become a good barrier from the wind while also limiting soil erosion and flooding. Planting a tree perimeter around your house can save you up to 30% in utility costs because trees make a great shelter from the sun, rain, and wind. Trees will help you save on air-conditioning costs during the summer and reduce winter heating costs by trapping heated air, and protecting from cold winds.

Please visit this link for more details about how to property Plant New Trees  This link will explain when is the best time to plant, what is the proper location to plant, how to select the right species, what size to plant and so on.

Tree Doctors- your preferred choice for tree planting.

Toronto Tree Planting for Businesses

Tree Doctors has built up a reputation of being a reliable partner for large-scale tree planting projects as well. We helped the City of Toronto, Ministry of Transportation, Parks and Recreation Division, and many small and large businesses with various tree-planting tasks. Planting trees is our passion and we would be happy to provide you with our best possible quotes for any tree-planting jobs you might have.

Tree planting around city streets will prolong the life of pavement while relaxing drivers and reducing glare. Trees are known for reducing stress levels in drivers, and therefore contribute to safe and enjoyable commuting. Advantage of trees as a filter of pollutants cannot be underestimated. Just one line of trees planted beside the city street or a highway can help to remove up to 60% of the harmful gasses from the air. Besides acting as an air filter, city trees absorb as much as 50% of noise pollution. Trees help the city to filter water, and increase the rate of ground-water recharge by dozens of time. And of course, trees beautify every city and makes areas more attractive for residents and tourists. This is why Tree Doctors love to do Toronto Tree Planting.

Toronto Tree Planting for Businesses
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