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Tree Pests that Need to be Treated in Toronto in August

Tree pests are undoubtedly one of the biggest problems for many homeowners, business owners as well as gardeners in Toronto. You need to know that pests can cause a lot of damage to your trees if you don’t take action quickly.

Don’t allow annoying pests to damage your trees and ruin your happiness! So, if you have noticed tree pests or their signs in your garden you will need to eliminate them for good as soon as possible. In this blog, we’ll tell you about tree pests which need to be treated in Toronto in August.

Cedar (Arborvitae) Leafminers

Cedar (Arborvitae) LeafminersCedar Leafminers are tree pests which cause damage to the foliage of eastern white cedar.

These tree pests are small is size, so it’s difficult to notice them. However, when Cedar Leafminers attack Cedar trees their branch tips usually change in color. As a result, they become brown colored.

It’s useful to trim and destroy infested branch tips to control tree pests successfully. Applying sprays in May and August helps control pests as well.

Juniper Rusts

Juniper RustsJuniper Rusts are one of widespread pests in Toronto. Pests infect a vast variety of trees including apple, ash, juneberry, hawthorn, mountain pear, rabapple, quince and others.

When Juniper Rusts attacks trees you’ll see yellowish-orange spots on its leaves.

In order to control the tree pest you’ll need to spray your trees in May for the first time and then repeat spraying tree times in August (spraying is done once per two weeks).

Locust Borer

Locust BorerLocust Borer has a black body with yellow strips. The pest lays eggs in tree bark.

Larvae appear in autumn and starts feeding. In the spring, tree pests will create tunnels in the wood. As a result, a tree will begin to weaken. The tree pest is about 20 mm long.

When it comes to controlling Locust Borer, it’s important to remove or destroy trees attacked by the pest. It’s also a good idea to use a flexible wire for killing the pest in borer tunnels. In August, you should also wrap larger limbs with paper. By doing this, you’ll be able to stop Locust Borer from laying legs. Applying sprays to tree’s trunk and limbs in August will also help you kill adult tree pests and prevent laying eggs successfully!

Locust Twig Borer

Locust Twig BorerLocust Twig Borer is a small moth of ashy-brown color. The pest’s larva has a straw-yellow body that’s about 20 mm long. It’s difficult to control the tree pest with chemical control solutions.

If you see that Locust Twig Borer has attacked your trees you will need to remove infested trees in August. So, you’ll not allow pest’s larva to escape. Also, it’s a good idea to destroy tree’s leaves in the autumn.

Yellownecked Caterpillar

Yellownecked CaterpillarYellownecked Caterpillar usually attacks fruit trees. However, the pest can cause damage to some of forest trees as well. Oftentimes, small trees become victims of Yellownecked Caterpillar.

The pest’s larva has a body that is about 5 cm long. Larva also has a jetblack head and soft white hairs. There are black and yellow stripes on its body as well. The first pests usually appear in August. That’s why August is the best time to control Yellownecked Caterpillar. You can use carbaryl and malathion and other sprays for controlling tree pest.

You may find it difficult to control tree pests on your own, particularly if you don’t have experience in doing this job and don’t have the necessary equipment. That’s why it’s best to ask tree care professionals in Toronto for help. Tree Doctors will help you eliminate your tree pests quickly and successfully!


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