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Tree Pests in Toronto

Every year tree pests cause a lot of damage to homeowners and business owners in Toronto. When it comes to tree pest control, it is incredibly important to take action in time.

Have you noticed tree pests of their signs in your garden? If so, contact tree care professionals as soon as possible and don’t allow these unwelcome guests to ruin your trees and happiness! In this blog, we’ll tell you about common pests of trees in Toronto.

Eastern Tent Caterpillar

Eastern Tent Caterpillar

Eastern Tent Caterpillar is known as one of the most annoying tree pests in Toronto. The pest attacks different types of trees including apple, birch, cherry, maple, oak and others.

Luckily, there is no shortage of sprays which can be successfully used for controlling this pest. It’s recommended to control Eastern Tent Caterpillar in May when the pest is most active.

Ash Flower Gall

Ash Flower Gall

Ash Flower Gall is another pest that damages trees in Toronto. This pest is approximately 25 mm in diameter.

Ash Flower Gall also changes its color (from green to dry and afterwards from dry to black).

Today, a number of sprays can be used for controlling the pest. It’s best to control Ash Flower Gall in the spring.

Bronze Birch Borer

Bronze Birch Borer

Do you have a lot of birches in your property? Keep in mind that your trees can be attacked by Bronze Birch Borer.

This pest is about 12 mm long and often causes a lot of damage to birches and other trees in Toronto.

The pest is the most active between June and August. Bronze Birch Borer attacks limbs, bark, trunk as well as foliage of trees.

It’s important to know that controlling this pest is no easy task. That’s why it’s best to ask tree care experts in Toronto for help. All tree’s branches that have been infested by Bronze Birch Borer have to be cut and destroyed. Watering trees during dry periods also helps prevent the pest successfully.

Fall Webworm

Fall Webworm

Fall webworm is a big problem for many residents in Toronto. This pest attacks a wide range of trees including ash, maple as well as forest trees. The pests are from 30 to 42 mm long. Fall webworm creates large webs on the trees, so you will quickly notice these pests if they invade your garden. Chemical solutions as well as sprays are used to control fall webworm.

Yellownecked Caterpillar

Yellownecked Caterpillar

Yellownecked Caterpillar brings a lot of damage to fruit trees in Toronto annually. The pest can attack forest trees as well.

Yellownecked Caterpillar has a jetblack head and a body that is 5 cm long. The pest’s body has black and yellow stripes as well as long white hairs.

In fact, there are many tree pests in Toronto. We have just told you about the most common ones. Understanding of tree pests is the key to pest control success. Obviously, you need to know how and when to eliminate tree pests in Toronto. If you don’t have experience in removing pests of trees it’s best to trust this important task to tree care experts.

Tree Doctors is a reliable tree care company that has huge experience in eliminating pests of trees in Toronto. You can contact us for help anytime. We will develop a tree care program that will help you exterminate tree pests for good!

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