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Tree Doctors on CBC NEWS

Tree Doctors was featured on CBC news to discuss the amount of trees being removed in Toronto. Our arborist gave a professional opinion on the state of tree health in Toronto and the best way to preserve more trees. Shane Goldman, an arborist from Tree Doctors, spoke to the respected news station about the large number of trees being removed in downtown Toronto.

Tree Doctors in the National Post

The National Post is one of the most-read newspapers in the Toronto area. After an ice storm caused quite a bit of damage to the Toronto area this past winter, Tree Doctors was on the scene to help area residents clean up their damaged trees, salvage those that could be saved, and remove those that could not. Read about a difficult Manitoba maple tree emergency removal Tree Doctors performed in Riverdale as featured in the National Post.

Tree Doctors in the National Post.

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Tree Doctors on Global News

Providing engaging content about issues in Canada and abroad, Global News is one of the most popular television news broadcasts in Toronto. After a dangerous ice storm in Toronto, Tree Doctors advised the city on how to assess trees on their property for serious damage and how to remove felled tree branches.

Tree Doctors on Global News.

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Tree Doctors one Newstalk 1010

Jerry Agar from NewsTalk 1010 spoke with Tree Doctors’ Terry Jackman about a tree-related dispute between two neighbors. Jackman weighed in on the debate and provided information on the tree removal process in Toronto, as well as what all is involved in removing trees from a property.

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Healthy trees make neighborhoods look beautiful! They offer privacy, as well as protect people from the sun during the summer months, and from cold winds during winter. Trees absorb harmful gases, provide natural habitats for birds and wildlife, and protect soils from erosion. All in all, trees make life better for everyone, but they also must be properly managed and cared for in order to get the most benefits from them and to prevent them from becoming a danger. That’s where our skilled team of arborists, tree surgeons and stump grinders comes in.

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You can be sure that all work will be performed by Licensed Arborists who know what is right for your trees in order to maximize their beauty and health. All our work is covered by full-range liability insurance for up to $5,000,000. At your request, we can provide all insurance certificates and references. We are committed to providing reasonable prices for all services - to prove that we offer the best value for your money, we will beat any written quote given by a licensed tree-service company in Toronto and the GTA!

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