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Top 10 Signs It’s Time to Prune Your Tree

Pruning trees offer a variety of important benefits to trees. Generally speaking, pruning is something that helps keep trees as well as shrubs beautiful and healthy. On top of that, tree pruning helps prevent property damage. The question is – when is the best time to prune trees? Today, we’ll tell you about top 10 signs it’s time to prune your trees.

1) A Tree Has Weak Branches

A tree with weak branches poses a risk to people. That’s why it’s so important for you to prune a tree and remove all of its weak branches before they fall down.

2) A Tree Has Dead Branches

A tree with dead branches doesn’t look good. On the other hand, dead branches have a negative impact on tree’s growth. Pruning helps a tree grow normally and look good!

3) A Tree is Close to Power Lines

Do you have trees growing too close to power lines? Of course, trees near power lines need to be inspected and pruned on a regular basis for safety reasons.

4) A Tree Has Crossing Branches

Crossing branches are a big problem for a tree. If left untreated, such branches may begin to decay over time. Decay can quickly spread to other branches of a tree and can even cause a tree to die. So, you should cut off crossing branches as soon as possible.

5) A Tree is Misshapen

A misshapen tree grows in a wrong way. Braches of such a tree can cause property damage. Plus, weight doesn’t distribute proportionally on a misshapen tree and this may result in breakage. Tree pruning makes it possible to avoid breakage of branches and property damage.

6) A Tree Has Lots of Cracks in Bark

Excessive cracks in tree’s bark means that a tree is sick. Such a tree is likely to die in the future. However, cutting off tree’s branches with deep cracks often helps save a tree.

7) A Tree is Growing Too Large

You need to pay a close attention to the trees that grow too large. Such trees can cause safety issues in the future. It would be better to prune these trees in advance to reduce property damage.

8) A Tree Has Diseased Branches

Diseases branches pose a huge risk to health of a tree. Diseases can quickly spread to the rest of a tree. If this happens, you’ll definitely need to remove a tree completely. That means that it would be better for you to cut off diseased branches immediately.

9) A Tree Has a Lot of Deadwood

The same can be said about deadwood. If you see excessive deadwood on a tree, it’s the sign that such a tree needs to be pruned. All of branches with excessive deadwood have to be cut off. Otherwise, a tree will most likely continue to decay and die. In this case, you’ll need to remove a tree entirely. Pruning a tree helps prevent these kinds of things from happening.

10) A Tree Has Been Damaged by a Storm

Every year storms cause a huge damage to many trees in Toronto. Trees usually have a lot of broken branches and damaged branches after severe storms. The help of professional arborists is immeasurable in such situations. Highly experienced and fully equipped arborists will be able to inspect and prune your trees after storm damage fast and easy.

Do you need to prune trees in Toronto? If so, contact Tree Doctors for a free consultation today. Our highly professional arborists are always happy to help you with any of your tree pruning needs!

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