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The Importance of Regular Tree Trimming or Pruning

Tree trimming can seem a daunting task if you are considering taking this on yourself. For projects large and small, we recommend calling Tree Doctors and having one of our knowledgeable arborists give you a free estimate. Aside from aesthetics, trimming and pruning your trees have multiple benefits. Here in this blog, we will discuss those benefits in detail.

Aesthetically, having a well-groomed tree will make your property more appealing. Aside from a good looking yard, keeping your tree trimmed makes them safer to be around. One major safety concern for having unwanted dead limbs and unnecessary shoots is that these make your tree a fire hazard. Dry, dead wood is highly flammable and can potentially encourage a rapid spread of the flames.

Dead branches and limbs that remain within the tree are always at risk of being dislodged and potentially falling down on top any unsuspecting pedestrians. If left for too long on the ground, dislodged limbs will eventually mold and rot. Attracting insects to the area that may be potentially harmful to your trees.

Your tree’s health


With the potential attraction of wood boring insects and mold this often leads to disease and eventual decay of your trees overall structure. Unfortunately for your tree, if it is focused on fighting off pests or illness it is not focusing on growth and may eventually fall. A small amount of trimming can do wonders for your trees health.


Removal of any dead limbs or unnecessarily dense shoots will allow your tree to focus on growing new limbs and further developing its root system. While thick bushy branches can be pretty, too much density will restrict airflow into the canopy and provide the perfect environment for fungus harmful growth.

Have you ever heard of co-dominant leaders? In a tree, this means two branches have grown straight upwards to the top and are equally dominating the canopy. Unfortunately for the tree, this can mean structural instability as the tree will then be susceptible to cracking and falling with a strong wind or storm.


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