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The Dos and Don’ts of Tree Care

Tree care prevents tree damage as well as tree pests and tree diseases and promotes the healthy growths of trees. Tree care helps keep trees beautiful and strong. The regular tree maintenance program includes tree risk management, tree trimming and pruning, tree pest and disease control, tree mulching, deep tree root fertilization, soil aeration, etc. However, tree care work needs to be done properly. Today, we’ll talk about the dos and don’ts of tree care. So, you’ll get an understanding of what should or shouldn’t be done for growing and maintaining healthy trees.

The Dos of Tree Care

- Do: Prune your trees on a regular basis. Tree pruning is crucial for preventing tree-related storm damage. On the other hand, pruning is good for health of trees. Tree pruning stimulates growth of trees and helps control tree insects and diseases. Early spring is a great time to prune trees. Pruning is all about cutting off weak, damaged and dead branches as well as branches which are close to power lines.

- Do: Inspect trees for pests and diseases. Insects and diseases can cause a huge damage to trees. So, it’s incredibly important for you to get all of trees on your property inspected carefully. If bugs or diseases are found in the early stages, you’ll be able to treat trees effectively.

- Do: Mulch trees. Mulching also has to be a part of a tree care program. Tree mulching has many great benefits. Oftentimes, trees grow in poor soil. Mulch has nutrients as well as minerals that a tree needs for a normal growth. Plus, mulch keeps soil around tree’s roots cool and moisture.

- Do: Water trees properly. All trees, shrubs and plants in your garden need water. But the weather can be dry and hot. You should definitely water trees after a couple of hot and dry days. Water a tree properly around its base!

- Do: Protect your trees during constructions. Are you planning to build a new house on your property? Or, maybe, you would like to renovate your existing home? One way or another, you should protect all of your trees which are close to construction. By doing so, you’ll be able to reduce the risk of tree damage significantly.

The Don’ts of Tree Care

- Don’t: Prune trees in the fall. As it was mentioned earlier, pruning promotes the growth of trees. So, a tree will begin to grow actively right before cold winter months. And of course, that’s something that should be avoided.

- Don’t: Prune trees very frequently. Pruning is good for trees, but trees shouldn’t be pruned too often. Remember, it takes trees some time to heal wounds and recover from pruning.

- Don’t: Remove large trees by yourself. Tree removal is no easy job that requires special knowledge, experience, skills as well as the right type of equipment. Also, tree removal can be very dangerous. That means that you’ll hardly be able to remove large trees on your property on your own. So, it would be better for you to contact licensed arborists to get tree removal job done.

- Don’t: Water trees too often. You need to water trees on your property if it hasn’t rained for a long period of time. However, overwatering trees may result in outbreaks of pests and diseases, the spread of weeds in your garden, root decay problems in trees and many other negative consequences. That’s the reason why overwatering trees should be avoided.

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