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Steps to Take After Your Trees Suffer Storm Damage

While a storm can be beautiful for some, it can be devastating for others. When your trees suffer during a storm there is a definite possibility for property damage to occur. First instincts say to begin clean-up immediately. However, this may not necessarily be the safest route to take. In this blog, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts of after storm tree care.


Assess the damage

The first step that should always be taken after a storm is an assessment of your property. While there may be a mess, avoid immediate clean-up. Ensure that your home and any other structures or vehicles on the property are unharmed. If you do find significant damage - such as that caused by a fallen tree - then you may want to immediately call the Tree Doctors for our after-storm cleanup services.


Cleanup only minor debris and stay aware!

When you begin the cleanup process, focus on the small stuff. Safety is top priority so it is highly recommended that you avoid areas involving leaning and fallen trees. Stay aware of your surroundings, especially what is above you! A heavily damaged tree may have loose branches or limbs that could fall during the cleanup process. Watch out for other hazards such as any trees or limbs that may have fallen on, or are leaning towards power lines as these provide an additional threat to your safety!


Call the professionals

Our staff is well trained in all safety measures when it comes to tree care and after storm cleanup. As professional tree service providers, we have the tools, equipment, and knowledge needed to assist you so that all hazards are minimized. We will provide appropriate documentation for your insurance, should it be needed, along with advice on how to proceed during and after cleanup. One of our experienced arborists will review your trees and provide information and advice on additional limb trimming and any other treatments to help ensure a steady recovery as your trees begin to heal after the storm.

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