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Quotes From Our Customers

I manage a nearby 18-hole golf course with lots of foliage. A couple of years ago, our tree service was backed up with previously scheduled appointments and I needed to get some work done asap. I called Tree Doctors and they had an estimator on-site within the hour and told me they could get the work done the following day. The price was fantastic and the creew did a great job with the work and the clean up. Since then Tree Doctors has been my go-to for all of the golf course’s tree services.

Sydnie Collins Toronto, ON M7K 38L, November 2017

My husband and I purchased a house a year and a half ago that had been badly neglected and was in need of a lot of TLC. Both the interior and exterior of the house as well as the property itself needed an overhaul, so I called Tree Doctors in for an estimate. Konstantin arrived the same day to take a look at the property and offer his suggestions and give us a price. He gave us his honest opinion about what we had planned and offered a few ideas that my husband and I hadn’t even considered. There were several trees we thought were too far gone to save, but Konstantin convinced us to keep them and just have them trimmed properly. Once John and his crew finished with our property, the yard was transformed into a relaxing oasis. Even now we are thrilled with the way the landscape looks and would call Tree Doctors again in a heartbeat if we need their services.

Jacqueline Kendall Toronto, ON M4L 1A8, November 2017

I must admit that I am several lacking when it comes to green thumbs. I bought a house with beautiful landscaping, but after five years of only basic upkeep, it was in shambles. I called around to several tree service companies to get bids and while I admit the property needed a lot of work, I was surprised by some of the bids. Tree Doctors offered the lowest bid, so I called them up to set up an appointment. While I was worried about the quality of work, it turns out they were fantastic! They did an excellent job, all the guys were friendly and professional, and they were quick. Would recommend them and plan to use them in the future myself.

Belloty Kabamba Toronto, ON M2K 2J9, November 2017

I’ve bought and sold several properties throughout the Toronto area through the years and always call on Tree Doctors when the trees need some TLC. These guys have done everything from stump and shrub removal and tree-trimming to planting new trees and developing arborist reports. Everyone I’ve met from Tree Doctors is professional, prompt, and always ready to answer any questions you may have. Will continue to call on Tree Doctors for all future needs.

Wayland Reuter Toronto, ON M9A 3G4, November 2017

I know nothing about trees, so I called a couple of tree services when I bought my first house. Tree Doctors was able to schedule an appointment for me immediately, whereas other local companies couldn’t come out for nearly a week. When the estimator came out, he spent quite a bit of time educating me on the types of trees in my yard and how best to care for them. He also explained each of his recommendations so I knew exactly what was going to be done and why. The crew arrived early two days later to complete the work. The entire crew was courteous and professional, and they did a great job getting my trees in shape. Terry also provided some suggestions on how to keep my trees healthy and where I might plant additional trees for more shade in my backyard in the future. Thank you Tree Doctors!!

Jessa Lowe Toronto, ON M2K 2J9, October 2017

I’ve used other tree services in the past, but was always unsatisfied. Finding a time to get the service out took forever and most companies left my lawn a mess. This is not the case with Tree Doctors. The Tree Doctors crew was prompt and got down to business immediately. Henry, Brian and Theo removed an ash tree that was killed by Emerald Ash Borers in less than an hour. After cleaning up from the tree removal, I asked some advice about the rest of my landscaping and decided to take up their suggestion to remove several shrubs. The crew quickly worked up a quote and got started on the additional removals and they did so quickly and at a great price. I’ve recommended Tree Doctors to several of my neighbors who also had problems with ash trees and will continue to recommend them as they offer great prices and quick service, and leave no branches or debris behind.

Thomas Duncanson Toronto, ON M5V 3V5, October 2017

I had a large tree in my yard whose limbs were starting to damage our chimney and roof. We called on Tree Doctors and they sent someone out quickly to survey the situation and provide an estimate. I scheduled an appointment for the following week and Sergey and his crew arrived and handled this tough job while making it look easy. They also trimmed some additional branches that could have become a problem in the near future and removed all the debris from my lawn. Very happy with the job they did.

Valerio Madden Toronto, ON M8L 1H1, October 2017

Called these guys [and girls] when finally deciding to remove the storm-damaged tree. Their representative came out pretty quickly and gave me a quote and an explanation on why I should go with what he recommended. Nice guy, good job. Scheduling was a breeze, and the guys who came out were efficient and cleaned up well after themselves. Solid work guys, you’ve earned the good stuff I’ve heard about you. Mateu Manx from Toronto

Mateu Manx Toronto, ON M6R 4A4, June 2017

Hello Yuriy, I would like to thank you for your prompt respond in removing my tree that fall down during the winter storm. The job was done very professionally and at a great price! Additional thanks for the clean up.

Shailesh Markham, December 2016

Hi, Tree Doctors came in for tree trimming and did a SUPERB JOB. I will call back in TWO years to do a more detailed trimming. Thanks!

Bruno Toronto, ON M9A 4Z2, November 2016

Thank you for coming so quickly to take down my three fruit trees. You did the job very efficiently.

Roger Bitner Scarbourough, November 2016

Hello, I just wanted to thank you so much for doing an excellent job and for a great price. I also really appreciate all the firewood you’ve made for us that our family will enjoy! We will definitely recommend you to our friends and neighbors. Have a nice weekend. Thanks again.

Ryan Lindo Toronto, November 2016

The Tree Doctors: Enclosed is my payment for the tree trimming done at this residence. Thank you for your prompt work and fine result.

P.J Edmondson Mississauga Ont. K0A 2X0, October 2016

I had a tree died from emerald ash borer and I was told by the City of Toronto that I have to remove it from my property in 30 days or I will get penalized. Yuriy helped me to get a permit and removed the tree in no time. Plus he and his team planted new trees and now my property looks even better than before. Thanks a lot!

Oleg Streltski North York, October 2016

Tree Doctors provided hazard tree assessment, inventory and customer relations services for our property in the Hamilton area. The contract work was completed in a timely and professional fashion. I would not hesitate to use Tree Doctors Services for such services again in the future. Sheldon Andrews – Vegetation Maintenance Coordinator

Sheldon Andrews Hamilton, September 2016

We wanted to have a tree removed from our property, so we call Tree Doctors for an estimate and to find out how to proceed with the process. When the Tree Doctors arborist came out, he convinced us that it was better to keep the tree because it added shade to our backyard and offered added protection from the elements. He recommended we get the tree trimmed properly so that it remained healthy and looked good. After speaking to the arborist my husband and I were convinced that this was the way to go. The company had the crew out a few days later and they whipped the tree into shape in no time! We are happy we listened to the professionals from Tree Doctors and now have a beautiful, shaded backyard thanks to their advice.

Nevaeh Tosto Toronto, ON M8K L2H, September 2016

I hired the Tree Doctors twice this year. Over the summer I had them come out to remove a large branch that had fallen after the tree was struck by lightning and in the fall I had them come back out to handle some tree trimming and a stump removal project I had been putting off. The office staff was quick to return my call and schedule an appointment for an estimate and the crew arrived prompt and ready to get to work. Both jobs were done quickly and thoroughly. While they removed the branch, they also thinned the tree out a bit so we would not have a repeat performance if another storm struck. The roots of the stump were dangerously close to my paved driveway, but John assured me they would have no problems taking care of the stump and they didn’t! I will be using Tree Doctors for all future tree service needs and will also recommend them to family and friends.

Camryn Holme Toronto, ON M4D 2H5, September 2016

After a recent storm knocked down one of the trees in our yard, I called Tree Doctors for advice on how to handle the removal. The company sent an estimator out immediately and gave us a low price to cut the tree into pieces and remove it from my property. After agreeing to the estimate, Sergey came out that afternoon and promptly removed the tree, roots and all. They handled all the cleanup and were quick and professional. Would definitely recommend their services to friends and neighbors.

Helge Holzer Toronto, ON M5K 3D3, September 2016

Tree Doctors team surpassed my expectations for level of professionalism, They did the tree removal job quickly and left my property looking just great, much better then before. I was afraid to remove a tree standing so close to my dream home but the job was done flawlessly! Thank you! PS:great website!

Larry Sparks Mississauga, September 2016

Yuriy, your prompt, professional, and courteous approach to taking down our “danger tree” was very much appreciated. You went out of your way to coordinate the details and ensure that everything was handled to everyone’s satisfaction. AND the price was great! Will recommend to all my friends! Thank you.

John Procter Toronto, August 2016

We have been using Tree Doctors to hang our holiday lights for years! They always arrive on time, are super friendly and easy to work with, and get the lights up in a couple of hours, compared to the week it used to take us to do it and we don’t have to climb up the ladders! Laura and Olga at the office are fantastic and they schedule our appointments every year. Tree Doctors will use your holiday lights or provide them for you if you don’t have any yet. Give them a try! You won’t be sorry!

Demelza Quigley Toronto, ON M4f 1H3, August 2016

When we moved into our new home, we hired Tree Doctors to remove three trees that were neglected and falling down. The company came out quickly to provide an estimate for the job. The price was on par with other companies we had contacted and they told me they could get the job done the next aftrenoon, so I was sold. Terry and his crew arrived on time and had the problem trees out in no time. Would definitely hire Tree Doctors again.

Sera Foerstner Toronto, ON M9C 3H5, August 2016

A very large Maple tree which was already rotting inside has been our main concern for the longest time. Contacted Tree Doctors and Yuriy showed up for an estimate. He checked the tree and see for himself if it could be still saved but it has gone worse than we thought that it had to go. I appreciate Yuriy’s concern that he did not instantly propose the removal and tried to check what can be done to save the tree, unfortunately on this one; removal was the only choice to preempt possible future damage to property. The work was scheduled and we did not have to follow up at all because Yuriy and his team of 4 arrived on time with all the necessary equipment. I was observing almost the whole time while they were doing the job and I only saw a very systematic, fast and efficient kind of work from this team. I also noticed that they took time to clean the area leaving no trace behind that there was a large Maple tree standing there few hours back. A wonderful experience worth talking about. Thanks Yuriy and your team for a great job and for that fair price you rendered your job for.

Vernice Trump Toronto, ON M9A 3G4, July 2016

I needed a tree service company to trim the branches of our backyard tree as well as to get rid of hedges that have grown wild in our front yard. I once heard of Tree Doctors from a friend who used their service too so I gave them a call. True to my friend’s story; these guys were prompt and friendly, the rate was reasonable and the job was perfect even the clean-up. Truly professional! I would highly recommend them.

Melio Menvel Mississauga, ON K0A 2X0, July 2016

I hired Yuriy of Tree Doctors to take care of some of trees on my property. He did the job very good and cheap! Would use again!

Willy Lee North York, June 2016

Our family home in downtown Toronto is undergoing extensive renovation and repair. Before the walkways can be rebuilt and a new fence installed, we needed to remove an old elm tree from the back yard. Not knowing any arborists, I searched the internet for arborists and tree removal experts and found The Tree Doctors. They replied to my email query and returned an estimate within 2 days. (The other company did not even answer my emails or my phone call.) The Tree Doctor team was wonderful (both the office team and the outdoor team) . The tree removal team were fast, efficient and extremely respectful of our property. They answeted all my questions and they cut down our large elm tree (over 40 years old) in under 3 hours, chipped all the branches and wood, and left little evidence that they were there. I highly recommend The Tree Doctors for their excellent service and their very professional team

Nora Lem Toronto, ON M9A 4Z2, May 2016

Yuriy, I did not mention to you how pleased we were with the tree removal services that you had provided us in April. The job was swift, clean and the yard was left in great shape.

Chris Radford Scarbourough, April 2016

We have used Tree Doctors Services twice in the past year with great results. The work was top quality and the service was both friendly and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Yuriy to everyone.

Kim Roebuck Etobicoke, February 2016

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