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Pruning Trees in Spring

The tree pruning procedure involves removing damaged, dead and weak branches. Actually, pruning trees delivers multiple important benefits.


Without a doubt, pruning is crucial for keeping trees healthy. This tree maintenance procedure plays a key role in preventing insects and decay organisms from entering the tree. So, pruning reduces the risks of developing various tree diseases dramatically.

When pruning a tree an arborist also removes the suckers and water sprouts from it as well. As a result, a tree starts receiving more water and food. Crossing branches are also removed during the pruning procedure. This helps prevent tree damage.

Among the other benefits of pruning trees are: creating and maintaining a strong tree structure, maintaining natural tree form as well as stimulating (or restricting) tree growth.

Why It is So Important to Prune Trees in Spring

Why It is So Important to Prune Trees in Spring

It is important to know that there are different types of pruning trees. Such tree pruning procedures as removing dead branches and trimming out diseased parts of the tree can be done at any time of the year. This type of tree pruning doesn’t have negative effects on tree health. However, if you want to remove some branches for maintaining natural tree form, increasing air or allowing more sunlight for grass then it is best to prune trees in early spring. The point is that trees and plants actively grow in spring. Rapid growth promotes fast wound healing. That’s why it usually takes a tree less time to recover from wounds after spring pruning.

How to Prune Your Trees in Spring

In order to maximize the benefits of tree maintenance procedure you need to know how to prune a tree correctly. Keep in mind that tree pruning procedure has to be planned and done properly. Here are a few tips to help you cope with your pruning tasks successfully.

Prepare all the necessary tree pruning toolsPrepare all the necessary tree pruning tools. As it was mentioned above, everything has to be planned meticulously. Prior to getting started with pruning trees you need to prepare all the necessary tools and equipment. When pruning trees you will need to use hand pruners, loppers as well as a pruning saw. Be sure that you have all of these tools before to start pruning trees.

Use proper tree pruning techniquesUse proper tree pruning techniques. When pruning a tree you need to remove all of its dead and dying branches. Limbs growing toward the center of a tree as well as branches which rub each other must be also removed. You need to know how to cut a tree correctly as well. Cuts have to be made close to either the tree’s trunk or tree’s branches. When pruning a tree you shouldn’t forget about stubs.

Ask an arborist for assistance if neededAsk an arborist for assistance if needed. If tree pruning is done well then your trees will definitely benefit from the procedure. However, if tree pruning is done in the wrong way the procedure may bring damage to trees. So, those people who don’t have experience in pruning trees or don’t have all the necessary pruning tools should definitely take advantage of professional tree care services. An experienced arborist will provide you with high quality spring pruning service that will contribute greatly to health of your trees.





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