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Trees absorb harmful gases, provide natural habitats for birds and wildlife, and protect soils from erosion. All in all, trees make life better for everyone, but they also must be properly managed and cared for in order to get the most benefits from them and to prevent them from becoming a danger. That’s where our skilled team of arborists, tree surgeons and stump grinders comes in.

We provide a wide variety of tree care services and all work done by Tree Doctors is held to the highest standard while maintaining highly affordable rates.

Our fully trained staff of arborists will carry out any job from large tree dismantling to tree trimming, tree planting and surveying veteran trees.

We also specialize in the careful removal of trees in unusually difficult positions post-emergency. All our work meets and often exceeds international and national standards of practice.

Fully trained and carefully picked staff

Specialized Tree Care Services Include:

Our specialist services include but are not limited to

Our staff is fully experienced and qualified in the use of all machinery they operate and are handpicked specifically for their advanced skills in all of our services. We operate in accordance with all current health & safety laws, and are fully insured up for up to $5,000,000.00

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