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Our Company Was Featured at CBC News for Tree Related News

There is a good piece of news for arborists as well as clients of Tree Doctors. It’s important to know that the tree care company of their choice has been recently featured at CBC news for tree related news in Toronto.

Below, you’ll be able to find the more detailed information about this piece of news.

cbc newsThe reality is that the downtown gas station is expanding now.

For this reason, they have asked arborists to cut down and remove about a half a dozen mature trees.

Cleaning out trees in the process now.

It’s important to point out that the city has approved trees destruction despite the fact that many locals were not too much happy about the idea of cutting down the trees. Local residents point out that trees provide them with oxygen. However, opinions about taking down trees are different.

It’s worth noting that some of trees have been around for more than 30 years. Some of trees were taller than a 6 story apartment building next door. One of trees had a trunk almost a meter across.

3According to the opinion of the arborists, such trees can fall during the severe storms, so they are very dangerous. The point is that these trees are pretty close to some buildings and, therefore, they can cause property damage.

On the other hand, the city council (who supports taking down trees) says that those trees were struggling to grow with their roots in concrete. She has also approved a site plan after changes to be designed.

Actually, the city says the gas station is going to plan more trees than they have cut down. These trees will be definitely more suited to the area. Nine new trees (3 ginkgo trees as well as 6 red oaks) are expected to be planted in the site where old trees have been taken down very soon.

2CBC news Toronto is known to be the leading news agency in Toronto. The company’s mission is to provide Toronto’s residents with the latest news in Toronto, Canada and the World. CBC news Toronto informs people about the latest news which are related to business, entertainment, events, sports, weather and many sectors. Oftentimes, the agency provides their viewers with interviews. It’s important to note that CBC news Toronto has a lot of viewers who watch its news regularly. Moreover, the audience of news agency is growing year after year!

It goes without saying that it’s honor and prestige for arborists of Tree Doctors to be featured at CBC News for a tree related news. In order to get the full news report, please, take a look at the video provided below:

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