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How to Protect Young Trees from Wind Damage

We all know that ice, snow as well as frost are a big problem for trees in winter. However, property owners should also keep their trees safe, beautiful and healthy in spring, summer and fall. Strong winds pose a huge threat to young trees during summer months. And of course, you need to do something about this!

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for humans to control nature. Nevertheless, you can protect your trees from strong winds and prevent tree damage. So, your job is to protect all of young trees on your property from wind damage. In this blog, we’ll provide you with a few tips for protecting young trees from wind damage.

Plant a Tree in the Right Place

It all begins with tree planting. First of all, you need to choose where to plant your new trees on your property. You should aim to find places which are naturally protected from winds. When planting trees you also need to take into consideration the direction from which the wind is usually blowing in your garden. Do you find that wind is often blowing from east to west? If so, it would be better for you to plant a tree somewhere in the western part behind your house. In this case, a house is most likely to protect a young tree from high winds. Later, when a tree gets stronger you’ll be able to move it to another location.

Take Advantage of Cover to Protect Young Trees from Strong Winds

Using a cover delivers multiple benefits to young trees. A cover is used to protect trees from strong winds, tree pests and hungry animals. A cover needs to be placed over the top of a tree. When using cover to protect young trees from winds you need to make sure that a tree will get enough sunlight. It’s crucial for you to watch weather forecast carefully on a regular basis. It makes sense to remove cover from young trees if no winds, storms and other types of severe weather are expected in the nearest future.

Keep Young Trees Watered Regularly

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of watering trees. Dehydration negatively affects the health of trees. The lack of water can result in weak branches, broken branches, yellow leaves and many other negative consequences. Watering is something that promotes healthy growth of trees.

Proper hydration is particularly important for newly planted trees. Properly hydrated trees grow strong. As a result, the risk of tree damage during strong winds and severe storms reduces dramatically. That’s why you need to ensure that a young tree gets enough water during the year. Watering needs to be a key part of your tree care program.

Tree Pruning Helps Protects Young Trees from Wind Damage

If done right, pruning helps young tree survive during strong winds. Have you noticed that tree’s branches have grown and already bend under their own weight? That means that such a young tree needs to be pruned as soon as possible. You also need to prune a tree if it has dead, weak or dying branches. Otherwise, a tree is likely to be damaged during high winds and severe storms.

Stake Young Trees to Reduce Wind Damage

Stakes provide young trees with support they need during severe weather. If you stake your new trees, they will establish strong root system within a short period of time and have a strong trunk as well as strong branches in the future. Such a tree is unlikely to be damaged by winds.

Protecting young trees from wind damage is a serious job that requires special knowledge, experience, skills as well as the right type of tools and equipment. Our highly skilled arborists are always happy to provide cost-effective solutions for any of your tree care needs in Toronto!

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