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Environmental Impact

We care deeply about the environment, and it shows throughout our work. We take the following extra steps whenever possible:

  • We plant trees wherever possible; we especially like finding spaces for big, native trees like oak and Scots pine.
  • We actively preserve living trees, especially ancient or veteran living trees.
  • We plant wildlife-friendly native woodland hedges.
  • We recycle wood chips.
  • We use a wood mill to convert felled trees into usable timber.
  • We supply local wood turners with high-quality wood.
  • We create habitat piles in quiet corners to provide a refuge for small animals like frogs, insects, and hedgehogs.
  • We try to leave wildlife-friendly standing deadwood where appropriate.
  • We use biodegradable fuel oil in our chainsaws.
  • We put up bird, bat, owl, and squirrel boxes in trees wherever possible.
  • We actively preserve living trees of all varieties.