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Common Tree Problems

  • Canopy dieback: Sudden death of parts of the tree canopy. Often caused by problems with the roots, such as soil compaction or municipal/residential construction. Urgent help for the tree is needed — the life of the entire tree is in danger! Contact us now.
  • Fungi: Most fungi form friendly, symbiotic relationships with the tree and are completely normal. But not all fungi is friendly! Some fungi are deadly and can quickly lead to the tree breaking and falling. If you have fungi, call us immediately! The tree can be fall suddenly causing serious damage to persons and property. Negative fungi requires immediate attention!
  • Hanging Branches: Dead, broken branches that are still attached or are stuck in the tree need to be removed. Sometimes these branches can be dangerous to people and property underneath. In many cases, it is dangerous to take them down yourself. We have equipment and experience in taking down even the biggest branches safely and quickly. Give us a call, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at both our expertise and affordable pricing.
  Other Common Issues:
  • Our experienced team can assist in navigating the complex legal framework of protecting trees, and can help you understand laws and local by-laws. We also can help in applying for protection, and can help in constructing protective barriers.
  • We can also give advice and practical assistance when a tree is getting too close to a house. Our experience dealing with trees helps us make confident predictions and put your mind at rest about the safety of your property – or act to make sure nothing is amiss. Call or email Tree Doctors to tap into our extensive tree knowledge.