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Ash Tree Injections with IMA-Jet in Toronto

Ash trees are unique and very beautiful trees which can become a good addition to your property. It’s easy to identify ash trees. Ash trees are known due to having opposite branching, grey smooth bark and compound leaf.

There are several species of ash trees, including black ash, blue ash, California ash, Carolina ash, European ash, green ash, Gregg’s ash, manna ash, narrow leaf ash, pumpkin ash, velvet ash as well as white ash. The statistics says that there are 860,000 ash trees in Toronto these days.

What Insect Pests Can Attack Ash Trees in Toronto?

What Insect Pests Can Attack Ash Trees in TorontoHowever, the problem is that ash trees can be attacked by different types of tree pests. These include ash/lilac borer, oystershell scale, emerald ash borer and others. These insect pests can cause a huge damage to ash trees if they are not treated properly. That’s why it’s incredibly important to control all of these tree pests effectively on time.

Emerald ash borer poses huge risks to ash trees in Toronto. Every year these little bugs create a lot of problems and stress to Toronto’s residents. If these tiny insects are not controlled properly they can easily destroy all of ash trees in the region by 2017. It goes without saying that emerald ash borer and other tree pests are a big problem for ash trees in Toronto.

How to Exterminate Insect Pests That Attack Ash Trees in Toronto?

How to Exterminate Insect Pests That Attack Ash Trees in TorontoIf you have noticed that your ash trees have been infested by emerald ash borer or other tree pests, then you will need to eliminate them for good as soon as possible. You need to know that it is not easy to control emerald ash borer. So, you’ll hardly resolve the problem on your own. When it comes to taking care of ash trees, it’s best to ask highly experienced tree doctors for help.

There are several ways to control emerald ash borer and other pests which attack ash trees. Among the most popular control options for emerald ash borer (as well as other pests) are: non-invasive systemic trunk sprays, persistent surface-applied contact insecticides, soil applications of systemic insecticides, trunk injections with systemic insecticides and other methods.

It’s important to know that ash tree injections with IMA-Jet are considered to be one of the most effective ways of controlling ash tree pests in Toronto. This treatment method works well, so it provides quick, effective and, most importantly, long-term results.

Looking Professionals Who Specialize in Ash Tree Injections with IMA-Jet in Toronto? We can help you!

Tree Doctors have huge experience in giving ash tree injections with IMA-jet in Toronto. If you choose to deal with us you can be assured that we will treat each of your ash trees successfully. Ask our tree care professionals for assistance and they will help you keep all of ash trees in your property beautiful and healthy.


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