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Ash Tree Injections

Ash Tree Injections

Ash Tree Injections

All of the Southwestern Ontario is now infested with EAB (Emerald Ash Borer) where it already killed millions of trees and keeps spreading. More and more often residents of Toronto and surrounding cities will see a dead or dying ash tree in the neighborhood.

If you have an ash tree that shows signs of decay, this might be the right time to call tree doctors.

We only work with the best products available on the market that is proven to save ash trees even if the canopy is up to 40% dead. If you want to save your tree, give us a call!

When to Treat Ash Tree

Ash tree should be treated if EAB is reported within 30 miles of your area. This means that if you live in Toronto or GTA you have to treat your tree or otherwise it will most likely die within next few years. Even if your tree looks healty right now, don’t wait for it to start showing signs of dieback in the canopy. There is a significant delay between disruption to the vascular tissues and expression of symptoms in the canopy. Delaying Emerald Ash Borer treatment could result in canopy dieback or tree loss.

Applications are best to be made in spring but also proven to be effective from May to September. Uptake of formulation is fastest when trees are actively transpiring after they have developed a full canopy. Emerald Ash Borer treatment in the spring will prevent the adult beetles from feeding and laying eggs in the tree, whereas summer treatment will kill the larval stage of EAB feeding under the bark.

Injection in the fall (after leaves color) can protect the tree for the following season. Trees need to be closely monitored for symptoms of EAB as infestation builds in your area. In general, applications are not made more than once a year.

When to Treat Ash Tree
How Much Ash Tree Injections Cost?

How Much Ash Tree Injections Cost?

The cost of ash tree treatment depends on two main factors, how big is the tree and the location for the service. If there is more than one tree on the property than significant discounts can be offered.

The bigger the tree, the more product will have to be used to control EAB and as such it will be more expensive. The prices in GTA start at about $150 for small trees. If the tree is about 30cm DBH, the injection will cost approximately $220 per application.

Please call our office or send an online estimate request stating how many trees you have, your address and approximate size of the trees for a speedy quote. Together wish Emerald Ash Borer we can also effectively treat Asian Longhorned Beetle.

If you are interested in ash tree injection  services, call us at 416-201-8000, Visit Our Contact Page, or Request a Free, No-Obligation Estimate.

We are looking forward to helping you with all your tree-removal needs!

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