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Tree Fertilization

To grow the best and healthiest tree possible, many tree species require annual supplemental fertilization. Our experienced team can offer specialized environmentally-friendly formulas of tree nutrients evenly into the roots of your trees. This method works by immediately releasing non-burning fertilizer and additional nutrients. It persists over time, which allows the trees and shrubs to absorb as much nutrients as necessary, improving vigor and drought resistance. This makes them more visually appealing in addition to improving health.

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Trees are fertilized by high-pressure equipment, which additionally loosens the soil to increase oxygen inflow. Our fertilization technique is a blend of scientific mixtures and traditional methods, making it environmentally friendly and efficient with no mess.

Healthy trees are much less likely to cause costly problems, reducing the need to prune dead branches or removing/replacing the tree itself. Dead trees are a large issue in urban environments, and are an unhealthy and costly hazard. Regular fertilization keeps insects and diseases away, resulting in healthier, more uniform growing trees resulting in higher property value.

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We love trees and recommend fertilization as a way to reduce long-term costs and allow trees to live a healthy — and most importantly — a longer life.

Tree Doctors’ Root-Feeding Formula effects:

  • Contains controlled-release fertilizers for sustained feeding all season long
  • Feeds organically, providing both energy-rich carbon and nitrogen for increased microbial activity
  • Reduces plant stress
  • Promotes vigorous root growth
  • Protects roots with non-burning, low-salt index formulations
  • Resists leaching
  • Contains needed major and minor elements
  • Improves disease resistance