A very large Maple tree which was already rotting inside has been our main concern for the longest time. Contacted Tree Doctors and Yuriy showed up for an estimate. He checked the tree and see for himself if it could be still saved but it has gone worse than we thought that it had to go. I appreciate Yuriy’s concern that he did not instantly propose the removal and tried to check what can be done to save the tree, unfortunately on this one; removal was the only choice to preempt possible future damage to property. The work was scheduled and we did not have to follow up at all because Yuriy and his team of 4 arrived on time with all the necessary equipment. I was observing almost the whole time while they were doing the job and I only saw a very systematic, fast and efficient kind of work from this team. I also noticed that they took time to clean the area leaving no trace behind that there was a large Maple tree standing there few hours back. A wonderful experience worth talking about. Thanks Yuriy and your team for a great job and for that fair price you rendered your job for.