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Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know about Trees

How much do we know about trees? In fact, there are many surprising things about trees that you never knew…

Trees can experience stress and talk to each other. Trees can be male, female and both. Trees traveled to the moon. Trees are very thirsty. There are many other amazing things about trees that you don’t know. Today, we’ve decided to tell you more about trees. In this blog, you’ll be able to find interesting facts about trees that you probably didn’t know.

willow trees– Trees can talk to each other. When insect pests attack a willow, a tree begins to produce tannin.

By doing so, willows attacked by pests send a defending signal to other trees growing nearby and inform them about attacks from pests.

As a result, other willows also start to secrete a bitter chemical on their leaves to protect themselves from tree insects.

This type of communication allows trees to increase their defence against the invaders significantly.

– Moon trees. As you probably remember, Apollo 14 landed on the moon on February 5 in 1971. Apollo 14 astronauts had a lot of important tasks and they made various experiments to explore the moon. There are many stories associated with this historical event. Taking seeds to the moon was a part of the Apollo 14 mission. Seeds were packed in small containers. The job of astronauts was to explore how trees would grow on the moon. The experiment involved growing several different types of trees on the moon (such as Douglas Fir, Loblolly Pine, Redwood, Sycamore as well as Sweetgum). After that, seedlings were planted in the United States.

– Trees drink plenty of water. An average tree can consume up to 2000 liters of water annually. A huge tree can quickly drink up to 100 gallons of water out of the ground.

papaya trees– Trees can be male, female or both. Most people generally think that trees have the same gender. Apparently, that’s not the truth! The vast majority of trees have single gender flowers. However, some of trees (such as papaya trees) have genders like us.  There are trees that have either male or female flowers on a single tree. There are also bisexual trees that have both male and female flowers on a single tree. Let’s imagine that you are interested in growing papaya trees. In this case, you’ll definitely need to identify male papaya trees, female papaya trees as well as two-in-one papaya trees. If you identify papaya trees correctly trees will produce delicious orange fruits.

– Some of trees are used to produce various drugs. For example, the bark of a willow tree is used for producing aspirin and Yew tree is used for making such a drug as Taxol.

– Air is a source of nutrition for trees. Air plays a very important role in growing trees. Trees absorb about 90% of nutrition from the atmosphere. Only 10% of tree’s nutrition is absorbed from soil.

– Like humans, trees can experience stress. Trees under stress can lose their leaves, branches as well as flowers and fruits.

Great Basin bristlecone pine– Trees fall into the category of the longest living organisms on Earth. Among the world’s longest-living trees are:

Great Basin bristlecone pine (a tree can live up to 5000 years);

Llangernyw Yew (a tree can live 4000 – 5000 years);

Fortingall Yew (a tree can live 2,000 – 5,000 years);

Fitzroya (a tree can live up to 3000 years);

Olive Trees (a tree can live up to 2000 years);

Live Oaks (a tree can live more than 500 years).

Trees are very interesting organisms on the planet! Thank you so much for reading our article about amazing facts that people don’t know about trees!

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