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Firewood for Sale in Toronto

Tree Doctors are happy to offer Top Quality Firewood at Amazing Prices

Our firewood is cut and split for easy delivery and pickup.  We do delivery around Toronto, Mississauga, and GTA, plus we offer discounted rates for firewood pickup at our Etobicoke yard at 425 Kipling Ave, M8Z 5C7- Right of Gardiner and Kipling.

When buying firewood from Tree Doctors you can be sure that you are buying local. We only use local firewood from Toronto and GTA. We will never sell out of province firewood like British Columbia firewood you can find at the gas station.

*All our firewood comes from native grown recycled trees. 

We have fully seasoned and semi-seasoned firewood available for sale.  Please see prices and the description below:

firewood October 2016

Firewood for sale in Toronto.



firewood in toronto

firewood in Toronto

SIZES:  Above you can find approximate sizes for the stacked firewood. The most common sizes are Face Cord and Full Cord. The face cord is also equal to 32 cu., ft. of wood, which can be translated into a regular skid 4 ft by 4 ft at the base and 2 ft high. The full cord is equal to 128 cu., ft. of firewood (approximately- 4 face cords) Full cord is measured at 4 ft by 8 ft base and 4 ft high. 1 full cord is basically two 2-face cords or four face cords.  The full cord is the most economical way of purchasing firewood.

A Cord is a massive energy storehouse. It can weight from 1.5 to 2.5 tons depending on the wood species and whether it green or dry (seasoned). One cord’s energy content is typically somewhere between 20 and 20 million BTU.  An average house can require three to five cords per winter depending on the size of the house and the temperature in winter.

DELIVERY:  We can either deliver firewood for you or you can come to our yard to pick it up yourself. Our yard is open for operations Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6 pm.  Please call us beforehand to make sure we have the required quantities available: Our office number is (416) 201-8000. 

STACKING: For the delivery, we can either deliver stacked or non-stacked. Non-stacked delivery is when the truck will drop off the requested amount of firewood at your location. Stacked is when our employees will bring the firewood to the requested spot and stack it.  Stacked delivery is more expensive because of the labor costs involved in moving the wood. Depending on the location for stacking the amount can change from the minimum $150 – one hour of stacking, including in the price. If the location is further away, we will charge an additional $150/hr depending on the location requested for stacking of wood.

If you are interested in firewood for sale, want to ask for the available quantities and prices please call us at 416-201-8000, Visit Our Contact Page, or Request a Free, No-Obligation Estimate.

We are looking forward to helping you with all your firewood needs!