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Common Pests of Trees in Toronto
Pests are known to be one of the biggest threats to trees and urban forests in the city of Toronto. It’s important to note that different types of pests damage trees within the Toronto area every year. That’s the reason why the municipal government makes huge efforts to resolve tree pest problem for good. 

Spring Yard and Garden Clean Up Services in Toronto

Spring Yard Garden Clean Up Services Toronto
The winter has gone and the spring has come. That means that the new growing season for trees is about to begin. Now, it’s time to do spring yard and garden clean ups. We can help you with cleaning up your yard/garden after a snowy winter and prepare your trees for the new growing season.

Our Clients

We are proud to cover all the tree care needs for Residential and Commercial clients around GTA from Oakville to Richmond Hill and as far as Pickering, East of Toronto.

Arborist Reports and Consulting in Toronto

When Do You Need Arborist Reports and Consulting in Toronto
It’s no surprise that arborist reports and consulting services are provided by many tree care companies in the city of Toronto. When do you need to get an arborist report in Toronto? Where to get an arborist report in Toronto?

Preparing Trees for Spring in Toronto

Winter Tree Removal
We are just a month away from spring. The late winter is good time to start preparing trees for spring. If you prepare your trees for spring properly you’ll be able to contribute greatly to their growth and development.

Winter Mulching in Toronto

The Importance of Winter Mulching
Toronto region is known for its cold winter weather, harsh winds as well as severe snow and ice storms. It’s common knowledge that freezing cold winter weather can negatively affect health of trees.

Tree Care to Prevent Storm Damage in Toronto

tree care to prevent storm damage in Toronto
Snow, ice, freezing rain as well as winds cause huge damage to Toronto’s residents every year. Winter has already come and that means that we must be ready for severe storms and bad weather.

Rooftop Ice Dam Removal in Toronto

Rooftop Ice Dam Removal in Toronto 1
Ice build-ups on roofs are considered to be a big problem for many homeowners as well as commercial property owners in Toronto during cold winter months.

Winter Tree Care and Maintenance in Toronto

Winter Tree Hazard and Risk Inspections
Winter is coming. That means that it’s time for Toronto’s business owners, homeowners as well as gardeners to consider winter tree care services.

Holiday Lights Installation Services in Toronto

Holiday Lights Installation Services in Toronto
We are just a few weeks away from Christmas and New Year holidays. All that means that it’s time to start decorating streets, trees as well as buildings and properties with holiday lighting.